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  • Pozita: Internet Marketing

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    • Internet Marketing


    • Develop easy-to-use, clear, concise, comprehensible content.
    • Research web copy.
    • Create websites that are optimized for search engines.
    • Develop relationships with websites to obtain quality links.
    • Improve search-engine rankings.
    •  Develop and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media portal as per business needs.
    • Send out quality messages on these channels.
    • Drive traffic to websites / social media portals using a variety of methods.
    • Establish an effective presence on social media sites.
    • Ensure content appears high on search rankings.
    • Develop density of desired keyword on page
    • Research popularity of sites linking to page.
    • Develop pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
    • Create Internet ads for attracting customers, employees and investors.
    • Monitor a company's online reputation.
    • Approve or delete comments on blogs or articles.
    • Highlight and encourage positive comments.
    • Strengthen relationships with power brokers.
    • Manage and deliver email lists.
    • Design and deliver emails.
    • Craft email campaigns.
    • Integrate other online presences including social media outlets with email campaigns.
    • Follow up on responses.
    • Solicit customer feedback and optimize campaigns accordingly.


    • Diploma bachelor ne fushat e ngjashme (perparesi) 
    • Njohja e gjuhes Angleze (perparesi)
    • Pervoja e punes ne Internet Marketing dhe Dizajn Grafik (perparesi)
    • Obligative perfundimi i shkolles se mesme


    • Të gjithë të interesuarit të kontaktojnë në:
    • Tel:044869004

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