Pozita e pare: Menaxher/e i/e Produkteve

Personi ne kete pozite duhet te mbaj shenime dhe ti numroj produktet dhe materialet qe perdoren per krijimin e produkteve te modes. Duhet te kete njohi paraprake te materialeve te modes dhe duhet t’i mesoje te gjitha materialet qe perdoren ne krijimin e produkteve te Lirika Matoshi. Duhet te mbaj shenime dhe te perditsoj sasine e mbetur dhe te hargjuar gjate procesit te punes dhe te raportoj menagjmentin. 

Duhet te kete njohuri ne: Excel, njohurite bazike te perordimit te kompjuterit, njohuri ne materielet a modes dhe te kete diplome ne mode ose te jete ne proces te studimeve te modes. Duhet te jete e gatshme ne gjdo moment te bashkpunoje me koleget e punes. 

Orari i punes: 8:00 deri 4:00

Lokacioni: Prishtine 

Te gjithe te interesuarit te dergojne CV-ne tek: pune@lirikamatoshi.com

Lirika Matoshi launched her namesake line of handmade accessories in 2016 at the age of 20 after moving to New York City. The Kosovo native initially began handcrafting choker necklaces on Etsy before gaining popularity for her hand-embellished tights, glittery dresses and socks, and intricate crystal covered blouses via Instagram—all created without any formal fashion school training. Inspired by her Kosovo-based fashion designer sister, Teuta Matoshi Duriqi, Lirika learned firsthand the art of fashion design techniques and how to source luxury fabrics and embellishments as an emerging fashion brand.

Now based in the heart of Midtown in New York City, Lirika Matoshi has expanded to include a wide variety of apparel and accessories. The brand opened a successful pop-up in summer 2018 and its midtown showroom displays all current products. The Lirika Matoshi brand is currently made up of 100% women and operates out of a New York City and a Kosovo factory which Lirika and her sisters started from scratch.

You can find Lirika Matoshi’s pieces worldwide at prestigious retailers including Nordstrom and Free People. Her brand has a wide-ranging celebrity following, and the label has nearly 300k followers on Instagram. The Lirika Matoshi womenswear label is both effortlessly romantic and intrinsically sophisticated—adding a hint of sparkle to any everyday outfit.

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