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    ''Bonevet Makerspace'' ia looking for a:
    • Technology Projects Offi


    • Understand and strictly impose safety procedures on BONEVET Members;
    • Determine and define the technical equipment and materials;
    • Order, install and commission the electrical and mechanical equipment.
    • Control access to shop facilities;
    • Know how to use tools and equipment;
    • Run safety training for all who use “BONEVET” tools and equipment;
    • Monitor that safety is practiced at all times;
    • Help members to acquire hands-on skills with tools
    • Work with project groups to help them achieve their project visions;
    • Track use of consumable materials, re-order as needed;
    • Maintain a creative, safe, and fun work environment for members;
    • Excellent ability to diagnose problems, build and repair machines.
    • Asset – Programing and Maintenance (preferred but not compulsory)
    • Knowledge of programming languages (C, C++, Python, Ruby)
    • Design webpage layout;
    • Write and edit the content;
    • Update and maintain the website on regular basis


    • Candidates that have a bachelor or masters degree in electro-technique, electronics or mechanical engineering or that have terminated a vocational schools or apprentices in electro-technique or mechanics, will have an advantage.
    • Long experience in practical hands-on work in electronics, electro-technique or mechanics.
    • Skills
    • Supervisory skills
    • Decision making skill
    • Effective verbal and written communication skill
    • Personal Attributes
    • Passionate
    • Honest, trustworthy respectful
    • Respectful


    • Note* The Technical Officer is responsible for maintaining day to day activities and equipment of BONEVET. It will directly report to the BONEVET Executive Director.
    • All interested candidates may send their CV, Motivation Letter and at least one reference letter at [email protected], latest by 15 August 2015.

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