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    • We have many great ideas and know how to deliver the best digital products. But when it comes to the point of illustrating and designing our ideas, we would lose against every 3 year old kid. We are really bad at this. If you do not believe us; Take a look at our latest mockup for a voting tool at the attachment.
    • So if you are 3 years old or older and think you can do it better – and we all know you can – then contact us!


    • Work with product management to identify and define features, use cases and user stories
    • Create concept sketches, user flow diagrams, mockups, wireframes, prototypes, and detailed interaction specifications
    • Regularly review work with design peers and leadership to collect feedback on direction and ensure work is well aligned with others
    • Clarify design specifications with visual designers and development, validate and monitor quality output.
    •  Contribute to user experience design, product and development best practices and standards onsite
    • Clearly present various stages of interface design development to business owners, team members and other stakeholders.


    • Jaywalker Digital is a modern and professional Software Development Company in Switzerland. We love code and provide great digital products. We have substantial clients and great projects waiting for you! Our developer team is located in Pristina and cannot wait to get to know you.
    • If we just described you, you might just be the person we’re looking for at Jaywalker Digital. Have a chat with us; this could be fun!
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Skype: burim_m

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